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Your identification and partnership with The Pick Group and other Pick Group members will expand your connections, enhance your resume, sharpen and develop your professional skills, and grant you the opportunities to help ensure that your community, career, and family thrive!

There are 2 options you might pursue to identify yourself with the mission and vision of The Pick Group:

Option #1: Become an Official Member

Membership in the Pick Group implies that one is committed to the Vision and Mission of the organization and also to ensuring its’ sustainable future. In turn, Membership should be thought of less as a purchase transaction, in which you are getting something in return for your contribution, and more as partnership in which you are working with others toward our particular mission and vision. Pick Group young professionals and Members are 21-40 years old.

Members agree to partner with other Pick Members by:

  • Completing the Membership Form and paying the $89.00 yearly membership fee.
  • Participating in Pick Group activities as available.
  • Contributing in some way to the work of one of The Pick Group’s committees.
  • Impacting our community as stated in The Pick Group Mission and Vision.
  • Membership benefits include: A Pick lapel pin, discounts to fee based events such as Pick Power Breakfast, and invitations to member only events.

Join today by completing the membership form and payment process!


Option #2: Join the free mailing list!


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